5 compelling reasons to get a private pilot’s licence

Getting a Private Pilot License (PPL) can be easier than you think and has a variety of ways to make life even more interesting for you. Once you have a PPL it’s all up to you. Whether you are seeking an adventure, a relaxing night time flight to enjoy the ambiance of the night sky, or just want to have an extra skill up your sleeve, a PPL will allow you to have all of these experiences and more.

The good news is, that pilot schools like the Airwin Aviator School make it easy and accessible for you to obtain the pilot license of your choice. Providing a professional, friendly and encouraging environment with experienced instructors and brand new equipment, our goal is to make your journey as successful as possible. So, without further ado, here are five compelling reasons to get a Private Pilot License.

1. Discovering sights, family vacations, and night flying

Few things in this world that qualify as majestic as seeing your usual surroundings from above. Imagine being able to share that experience with your friends and family. With a PPL you can take with you as many passengers as your aircraft allows on any adventure, to any destination, in your country or abroad.

Discovering the scenery as if looking at a real-life map is the experience of a lifetime, not to mention when you get to do it at any time of day. Seeing the vibrant lights of the cities during the night is definitely something else, and with a Private Pilot License, you can live through it whenever you want.

2. Business is business

A PPL can also make a good addition to your resumé, no matter what field it is you’re working in. Skills that require time, focus, and commitment to acquire will possibly make you stand out in the eyes of a future employer.

Or, if you are already working a job that involves frequent business trips, you can fly yourself out to any destination and impress your colleagues, perhaps even give them a lift and share the flight expenses. Save some time and money for yourself and everyone else. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

3. Learning impressive tricks

If simply flying a plane and getting the bird's eye view of the land doesn’t give you a big enough adrenaline rush, aerobatics are worth trying. 

With a Private Pilot License, you can start learning to become an aerobatic pilot to pull off crazy aerial stunts and flying maneuvers that are straight out of a Star Wars combat scene.

You can even go as far as taking part in aerobatic competitions. Though it all starts with a PPL, in the EU you need to obtain an aerobatic rating in order to do the stunts, so go ahead and take part in a training. You won’t regret it.

4. Becoming part of a community

A community that doesn’t know borders, which you will belong to no matter which country you are visiting. Getting a Private Pilot License is basically your admission letter to an ambitious, enthusiastic, welcoming group of people that is the aviation community. There are a great many flying clubs you can join worldwide and we can promise it’s worth it.

You can share your experiences with people who know exactly what it feels like to sit behind the wheel of an aircraft, who are familiar with the ups and downs of flying (literally and figuratively). Not to mention the life-long connections you can make. As we know networking is important. Joining a flying club also has extra benefits such as cheaper rental costs and organized social activities.

5. Career in the sky

If you want a career in aviation, a Private Pilot License is the most adequate first step. From there you can proceed to go through all the necessary phases to qualify for the job of your choice. Maybe you want to earn money through single-pilot operations or become part of a multi-pilot crew and get a job at an airline, in which case the next step for you after getting a PPL is obtaining a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). Although to work as part of a multi-pilot crew you need additional qualifications.

To end with some concluding thoughts, whatever the case, a PPL will open up that very first door to a variety of opportunities in aviation. Flying can be relaxing, exciting, adventurous, social, and professional.

You can learn a lot of new skills, become part of a great community extending your social circle, while enjoying the beautiful sights you come across every time you take off on a new adventure. In case you feel inspired after reading this, don’t hesitate to contact us, the Airwin Aviator School would love to hear from you. You’re thinking of obtaining a Private Pilot License? Don’t forget to check out our article about the dos and don’ts of choosing a flight school.