Aero AT3 R100 - AAT3

Airwin strongly believes the necessity of good technical skills required for flight crew to operate safely in an ever changing environment.
The flying characteristics and equipment of the Aero AT3-R100 provides opportunity for both recreational and professional pilots to acquire the necessary knowledge and skillset. The state of the art avionics and durable airframe enables us to provide comprehensive experience during training.

Pipistrel Virus SW121 - PIVI

Pipistrel’s SW121 is fully approved for Advanced UPRT training, including fully developed intentional spins. Airwin can cover ab-initio training, advanced training and all aspects of UPRT courses with one single airplane. The SW121 is equipped with state of the art Garmin glass-cockpit equipment to provide post-flight analysis of the flight parameters. The Pipistrel SW121 needs no special preparation prior UPRT exercises and is equipped with a parachute to provide extra level of safety during all phases.


Piper Arrow III - PA28

Pilots intend to operate under intermediate conditions including adverse meteorological conditions or complex air navigation environment one of the best utilities is the Piper Arrow III. Due its capacity and performance the Arrow III serves a key role during Instrument and Commercial Pilot Training. Due to its operational capability the Arrow III provides extensive opportunity for the students to exercise different decision making patterns or threat and error management methods.


Diamond Twin Star - DA42

Due to its design and flight characteristics the Diamond Twin-Star DA42 is one of the industry leading multi-engine piston training aircrafts. The panoramic warp around the canopy offers exceptional visibility for both students and instructors. The more than 160 horse powered engines are providing an additional level of safety during all phases of the flight. Moreover the Garmin 1000 glass-cockpit is proven to be the ideal transition to complex commercial operations.


FNPT II MCC simulator

The FNPT II MCC simulator is based on the Airbus A320 to provide a perfect training for Multi Crew operation at an Airline. The synergic connection between men and machine plays a key role during complex air transport operations. The ergonomic Airbus A320 cockpit layout lets the flight crew to focus specifically on their series of tasks during the flight. Common, Airline Transport Pilot (APS) level decision making patterns and threat and error management (TEM) methods are intuitively showcased during the MCC simulator sessions.



Airwin was estabilished in 2016, and only 2 years into operation already signed an Integrated ATP program with SunExpress, the joint wenture of Lusthansa and Turkish Airlines.

We are continuosly looking for cooperation possibilities, that is why we trained many Flight Instructors for the Norwegian ATO: Pilot Flight Academy

SunExpress logo

Pilot Flight academ

Airwin Crew

We are committed to providing the highest level of training for Airlines, ATOs and individuals. We provide theoretical and practical training in English.

Róbert Bánki
Managing Director
Zsolt Szüle
Head of Training
István Győri
Deputy Head of Training
László Baku
Chief Flight Instructor
Kristóf Nagy
Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor
Gábor B. Magyari
Compliance Manager
Klementina Joó
Chief Business Development Officer
Zoltán Siklósi PhD
Safety Manager
Barnabás Vandornyik
Flight Instructor
Attila Varga
Flight Instructor
Tamás Gere
Flight Instructor
Zsolt Berta
Flight Instructor

Airwin Briefing Room

The Airwin Briefing Room is located at LHTL - Tököl Airport, next to Gate I.


Airwin Classroom

The Airwin Classroom is located at the Airwin HQ next to LHTL - Tököl Airport, just next door to Airport Szálló, Tököl.