Share your knowledge - if you are a pilot on ground.

Participate in online lessons - if you are a cadet pilot on ground.

Dear cadet, take advantage of the quarantined Europe. Probably you have never had and will never have so much time to study than you will have in the upcoming few weeks. You only need a computer, internet connection, and a webcam.

Dear fellow commercial pilot, now you have a chance to share your knowledge in the following silence period with cadets hoping to follow you in your career.

Airwin introduces the Pilot Quarantine Flight School: a knowledge marketplace from commercial pilots to cadet pilots. An online solution to benefit from the silent times ahead of us.

For Cadets

Before Coronavirus (COVID-19) you did not have time to study theory, now you don’t have a chance to fly to your aviation academy. A pilot always needs an alternate solution. Help us in finding the best way to assist you.

We are starting online courses with a video conference platform for those students, who are unable to travel due to the effects of the current epidemic.

All pilot training includes a huge part of theory training, and now you can help in finding out which theory training we should start with first. The options are:

Please vote on the course you are interested in.

With your feedback, you can help our instructors do what they love: sharing their knowledge of aviation with you and help you to improve.

For Commercial Pilots

Aviation is a big family, we must stick together in hard times also, and think of the future. Training a pilot takes years, so it does not, and cannot stop because of a situation like this.

We gather Airline pilots to take advantage of this current situation by sharing their knowledge and expertise with the new generation of aviators, who have more time to study now.

Please, tell us which topic is your speciality and what is the knowledge you would like to share with the upcoming generation of pilots. It can be any kind of knowledge you consider important to share.

Tell us a brief summary and we will contact you with the details soon.

The pricing of each shared content is transparent and flexible. All cadets will pay the amount he or she can afford in this situation. Airwin will share this revenue between the system maintenance and the content provider at a 50-50% rate.

We believe that the time ahead of us is about optimization of our resources, and sharing it with the aviation community.

We provide the platform, the commercial pilot provides the training, the cadet makes the decision on how much money he or she can afford.


About Us

Airwin is a Hungarian EASA flight school partly-owned by in-house instructors. This business structure, combined with our base at LHTL - Tököl Airport and our fleet enable us to provide high quality training at affordable cost.

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