We are committed to providing the highest level of training for Airlines, ATOs and individuals.

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SunExpress Pilot Flight Academy

Our Team

Robert Banki - Managing Director

Robert Banki

Managing Director

Robert is an MSc engineer, entrepreneur, and a private pilot. He has over 20 years of experience in starting and building different companies. He also flies gliders, single engine aircraft, paragliders and trike.

Zsolt Szüle - Head of Training

Zsolt Szüle

Head of Training

Zsolt is an active Boeing 747-800 captain and has more than 15.000 hours and 20+ years of experience in flying. Also worked in different fields, like Air Traffic Control, Chief pilot, Director of Flight Ops, TRI/TRE. Worked with SmartWings, SkyEurope, Pegasus, JetairFly, MyCargo Airlines and CargoLogicAir. He is responsible for the training of airline pilots at Airwin.

István Győri - Deputy Head of Training

István Győri

Deputy Head of Training

Istvan is a pilot and safety officer from the Hungarian Air Force. He has flown number of aircraft types from Zlin 142 through Yak 52 till Antonov 26. He has some 3000 hours in the air, few years of service in the United States and Afganistan too. He is one of the founders of Airwin and the Deputy Head of Training.

Klementina Joó - Chief Business Development Officer

Klementina Joó

Chief Business Development Officer

Klementina is an enthusiastic aviation professional with an Economist degree and an engineering mindset. She has deep understanding of aviation, flight safety, airspace management, and pilot trainings. We will work on continuously developing our products to suit the customer demand utilizing her experience and customer focused approach.

Andreasz Jordanidisz - Chief Flight Instructor

Andreasz Jordanidisz

Chief Flight Instructor

Andreasz started his aviation career in 2006 with gliders, became a FAI Silver Badge pilot in 2009. In 2012 he finished his studies as a Transportation Engineer-Professional Pilot at College of Nyíregyháza. He works as a Compliance Manager for Approved Training Organisations since 2014.

Dr. Zoltán Siklósi - Safety Manager

Zoltán Siklósi PhD

Safety Manager

Zoltán Siklósi PhD was the chief pilot, official test pilot and the flight safety officer of the Hungarian Air Force, until his retirement. He flew all types of MiG fighter aircraft from 1973-2005. The Scientific Degree (PhD) was donated by the Senate of the National Defense University of Miklós Zrínyi for the research results of the exploration of the system-based aviation safety. He worked at the National Transport Authority as a second-degree aviation referee for both civil and government aviation. For many years he was a senior flight safety officer at the Hungarian Aviation Association. He is currently working as a manager responsible for aviation safety.

Kinga Fodor - Office Manager

Kinga Fodor

Office Manager

Kinga "grew up" at airfields, as her grandfather is a flight instructor and she spent a lot of time at airports in her childhood. She is our Office Manager and she is also responsible for the well being of our cadets. As she is also one of our PPL students she can assist you the best way possible.

Viktória Fekete - Office Assistant

Viktória Fekete

Office Assistant

Viktoria is our other Office Angel. She can assist you with administrative tasks and also assists in scheduling your training.

Tamás Tóth - Flight Instructor

Tamás Tóth

Flight Instructor

His aviation career started in 2012 at the Collage of Nyíregyháza where he graduated as an Aviation Engineer and as a Professional Pilot. He works as a full time flight instructor since 2017. He flew almost all well known single and multi engine aircrafts. His favorite hobby is ferry flights, where he transports old and new aircraft between countries.

Zsolt Berta - Flight Instructor

Zsolt Berta

Flight Instructor

Zsolt was a fighter pilot on MiG-21 at the Hungarian Air Force. He flew: L-39, Zlin-142, Cessna 150/152/172/182, Pipper 28, Bulldog SK 61, Slinsby T-67, Tampico TB9, Diamond DA 20, Moran Soulnier 880B, Fuji F-2000, Tecnam 2002 JF, Falke SF 25. He has a valid CPL with 2500 hours and a few years of service at the Hungarian Ministry of Defense. Currently he is one of Airwin's instructors.

Tamás Gere - Flight Instructor

Tamás Gere

Flight Instructor

Tamás is an MSc vehicle engineer, his aviation career started in 2013. He flies gliders, TMGs, single engine aircrafts. Since 2014 he manages the Pilotaszemmel project on YouTube and multiple aviation related social media pages. He published two books: Pilot dreams come true and How to become a pilot, both are in Hungarian. He is a flight instructor and an aviation mentor, he helps and motivates beginners, who also want to become pilots.

Kristóf Nagy - Flight Instructor

Kristóf Nagy

Flight Instructor

Kristof is a passionate aviator, who flies both fixed wings and helicopters. One of his goals was to discover as many fields of aviation as possible. He started on gliders in 2003, and traveled around the globe and experienced various flight operations, like aerial surveillance, agricultural flights, international flights and also flight instruction. He used to be a bush pilot in the Indonesian jungles and he flew the unique co-axial Kamov helicopter. External load lifting with helicopters has been his favorite task so far, but he really enjoys the challenges of raising his students. He has around 1000 hours of flight experience, and he is kind of a storyteller, so don't be shy to ask him if you have any questions about the sky.

Barnabás Vandornyik - Flight Instructor

Barnabás Vandornyik

Flight Instructor

Barna started his flying career at MALÉV Pilot School in 2007 and completed CPL training in 2008. He organized and operated sightseeing flights and on demand transfers from Budaörs. He flew in the USA, Germany, Poland and Slovakia and has experience with the following aircrafts: Cessna 150-152-172, Piper PA28, BE-76 Duchess, Piper Seneca I-II, DA-20, Aero AT-3, Tecnam 2002-JF, Viper SD4. He has more than 1200 hours and started instructing in 2017.

Alican Cesur - Flight Instructor

Alican Cesur

Flight Instructor

He started his aviation career in 2013 as a Ground Operation Executive for Turkish Ground Services and he began his flight training not much after, in September 2014. He is wit Airwin since 2018.

Gábor Kovats - Flight Instructor

Gábor Kovats

Flight Instructor

Gábor is a retired commercial pilot who started his career at MALÉV in 1974. First propulsion system engineer, later flight engineer and in 1994 he became a commercial pilot until his retirement. Aircraft types: IL-18 and TU154 as a flight engineer, Boeing 737-200 & 800 as a pilot. Since 2002 he works as PPL instructor and has app. 5000 hours in general aviation.

Our fleet


Aero AT-3


Aero AT-3


Aero AT-3


Aero AT-3


Aero AT-3


Aero AT-3


Tecnam P 2002JF


Tecnam P 2002JF


Piper PA-34 Seneca II


SEP simulator


Jet simulator

Our base - LHEM

Airwin Flight School is based at Esztergom Airport, 45 kms from Budapest, at the Northern border of Hungary. It is in the area of the Danube Bend (UNESCO World Herritage) and next to Slovakia. Our facilities include well-equipped classrooms, Hotel accommodation, Cafeteria and Restaurant.

Accomodation can be booked
on Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com/s/Esztergom--Hungary/homes
on Booking.com: https://booking.com/Esztergom

Should you need assistance in picking the location just let us know.

Our training

We offer theoretical and practical training and our instructors speak English.

About Us

Airwin is a Hungarian EASA flight school partly-owned by in-house instructors. This business structure, combined with our unique location at Esztergom Airport and our fleet enable us to provide high quality training at affordable cost.

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