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  • Only 4 hours a day study time
  • 2 days off every week
  • Easy completion as a part-time student
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Airwin ATO Training Department is currently coordinating with the competent Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to facilitate the certification and examination process related to this training program. In such a case, the CAA requires the students to personally attend some classroom hours that will be organised by Airwin at mutualy agreed time and place prior to the commencement of the official CAA theoretical examination.

Pre-entry Requirements
Prior enrollment of the ATPL(A) Theoretical Distance Learning Training Program the applicant shall fulfill the following requirements:

The aim of the ATPL(A) Theoretical Distance Learning Training Program is to train pilots to the level of knowledge required to be engaged in Commercial Air Transportation as part of the flight crew either as a pilot-in-command or co-pilot.

During the course, the students will be introduced to several subjects required to be completed prior to the first attempt of an official authority organised theoretical examination.

Licensed Instructors with huge experience in Aviation are set to supervise the self-study sessions and deliver interactive classroom instructions utilizing state-of-the-art videoconferencing tools in compliance with EASA regulations.

Our goal is to train not only professional, but competent pilots ready to be employed by EASA Commercial Air Operator Certificate (AOC) holders.

Therefore, Airwin ATO decided to implement the Area 100 KSA (Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude) learning objectives and assessments to the training syllabus.

Area 100 KSA provides the students' the opportunity to put the recently acquired theoretical knowledge into practice and gain experience in interpersonal communication, teamwork, and leadership

All-inclusive price 2.490 EUR
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Pay in 4 installments, at the beginning of each Section!

What does Online Classroom mean?
The formal classroom instruction serves a key role in education of professional pilots. Although, various means of audio-visual material are available to acquire the necessary skill and theoretical knowledge required to pursue a higher level of professional career; the interactive classroom sessions with a licensed instructor further enforces the familiarity with the subject.

The European Aviation Safety Agency recognized the technological capabilities for the transfer of knowledge, experience and possibly skills. The Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) for Annex VII (Part-ORA) of the EU 1778/2011 regulation AMC1 ORA.ATO.305 (b) allows the utilisation of videoconferencing tools as part of the classroom instruction during distance learning training programs.

With respect to the COVID-19 pandemic, Airwin ATO Training Department joins all the efforts facilitating social distancing to stop the spread of the virus and provide a comprehensive education for professional pilots in pursue of a career in airline transportation.

During the formal classroom instructions students will be introduced to the study material via the following methods:

Two-way audio-visual communication capability provided by Zoom
Interaction with the Instructor and other participants via real-time video, voice or text
Receive interactive lecture on a required subject with prepared presentations
Daily breakdown of study material and methods supervised by a dedicated instructor
EASA compliant distance learning course fully credited towards the obtainment of the Airline Transport Pilot License (Aeroplane)


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