How to become a pilot?


How to become a pilot?

To get to the road of the rookie pilots is easier then ever: it is a matter of decision.

Step 1.: Intro Flight

Book an appointment for an intro flight and try how is it to fly an aircraft!

Step 3.: Application

Complete the registration form and apply for the most suitable training to achive your goals.

Step 2.: Medical License

Airwin provide assistance to get in touch with an Aeromedical Examiner (AME) and check up om few things.

Step 4.: Get your first license!

Following months of hard work and the required official examinations get your very first pilot license to fly away in the sunset.

Training Programs

Chose the right training for the right puprose!

Private Pilot License

 7,777 EUR

  • Flexible
  • Pilot License obtained after 45 hours
  • Aircraft rental available world-wide
  • Distance learning is available
  • Courses available on-demand
Choose Plan

University Degree


  • University student status
  • BSc degree as a Professional Pilot
  • 3 years of full-time study
  • Internship opportunities at selected partners
  • In-depth knowledge
Offers on this website are subject to change and primarly available for Hungarian citizens with current residence. Additional charges may apply due to administrative and other operation related tasks. For more infomration please contact Your Airwin Representative. 

A few things we’re great at

Do not worry, we are always friendly! Our goal is your success!

All Digital Training Management

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Mentor Program to monitor student progress

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Pay in Installments

Pay as you progress with the selected training. Contact us for more information!

Extremly Organized Team

Airline level safety and just culture with extermly organized operational envrinoment. Our goal is your safety!

EASA Compliant Services

Our training programs are prepared and approved in accordance with EU regulation for Air Crew.

Flexible Training Schedule

Students provide availability on selected training days. Flight Instructors are available 24/7.

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