How to become a pilot?

It’s a matter of decision…

Choose the right training for the right purpose and Airwin takes care of the rest!


Have you been fascinated to explore the sky and escape for a lone ride to the unknown? The EASA Light Aircraft Pilot License (Aeroplane) is the safest and most efficient way to get airborne and fly never seen before places. 

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Maximize the possibilities and join the ever growing community of pilots. Carry your friends and family accross international borders. The EASA Private Pilot License (Aeroplanes) the ideal solution for pilots are flying for private reason.

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Your professional career as a pilot starts here. Do what you love and make a living out of it! The Airwin EASA Airline Transport Pilot integrated training program designed with decades long experience to provide competetive knowledge, skill and attitude for the next generation of pilots.

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How to become a pilot?

To get to the road of the rookie pilots is easier then ever: it is a matter of decision.

Step 1.: Intro Flight

Book an appointment for an intro flight and try how is it to fly an aircraft!

Step 3.: Application

Complete the registration form and apply for the most suitable training to achieve your goals.

Step 2.: Medical License

Airwin provides assistance to get in touch with an Aeromedical Examiner (AME) and check up on a few things.

Step 4.: Get your first license!

Following months of hard work and the required official examinations get your very first pilot license to fly away in the sunset.


First of all, you need to think about why you would like to have a pilot’s license? The Light Aircraft Pilot License could serve you during the long weekends to escape from the grip of your office. The Private Pilot License could get you to your business meetings or fly your friends and family for a vacation.

You make the choice and Airwin takes care of the rest!

(EU registered aircraft)
SEP(Land) CR: 2 Years ; MEP(Land) CR: 1 year
SEP(Land) CR: 2 years
MedicalClass 2
Under 40: Valid 5 Years
Over 40: Valid 2 Years
Over 50: Valid 1 Year
LAPL Medical
Under 40: Valid 5 Years
Over 40: Valid 2 Years
Additional RatingsMulti-Engine, Instrument Ratings, Night RatingNight Rating
Minimum Training Hours45 hours total flight time,
10 hours Solo,
35 hours dual instruction
Including 1 Cross Country of 150 NM landing at 2 airfields
30 hours total flight time,
6 hours Solo,
24 hours dual instruction
including 1 Cross Country of 80 NM landing at 1 other airfield
Aircraft RestrictionsMax Take-Off Weight: 5,750 Kg
Max Passengers: 19
Max Take-Off Weight: 2,000 Kg
Max Passengers: 3
License UpgradeCPL(A)PPL(A)

Training Programs

Chose the right training for the right puprose!

Private Pilot License

 7,777 EUR

  • Flexible
  • Pilot License obtained after 45 hours
  • Aircraft rental available world-wide
  • Distance learning is available
  • Courses available on-demand

University Degree


  • University student status
  • BSc degree as a Professional Pilot
  • 3 years of full-time study
  • Internship opportunities at selected partners
  • In-depth knowledge
Prices on this website are subject to change and primarily available for Hungarian citizens with current residence. Additional charges may apply due to administrative and other operation related tasks. For more information please contact Your Airwin Representative. 

A few things we’re great at

Do not worry, we are always friendly! Our goal is your success!

All Digital Training Management

All training are managed digitally with EASA compliant training management system.

Mentor Program to monitor student progress

Students are assigned to individual mentors who follow progress during the entire training.

Pay in Installments

Pay as you progress with the selected training. Contact us for more information!

Extremly Organized Team

Airline level safety and just culture with extremely organized operational environment. Our goal is your safety!

EASA Compliant Services

Our training programs are prepared and approved in accordance with EU regulations for Air Crew.

Flexible Training Schedule

Students provide availability on selected training days. Flight Instructors are available 24/7.

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