Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Unusual attitudes are obligatory for every pilot!

Explore your human factors and learn how to cope with the unknown.

Learn how to cope with your own human factors during unusual, unexpected events.

This training is not an aerobatic training!


Using on-board sensors, the Garmin system digitally collects all flight data for immediate post-flight analysis powered by CloudAhoy.


Take the place of a Flight Instructor during the training while Airwin Instructors are playing a role of the rumbustious students.


theory hours


practical hours


days duration

Pre-Entry Requirements

The Advanced UPRT training available primarily for commercial pilots. For clarification do not hesitate to contact us!
For general requirements and pre-requisits refer to Annex I Subpart H Section 2 FCL.745.A of regulation EU 1178/2011 (Part-FCL).

Pre-entry Requirements

– Part-MED Class 1
– Valid Part-FCL Pilot License
– 70 hours PIC

PPL(A) Holders

Pilots with valid PPL(A) might apply to this course. Although, Airwin only recommends the Advanced UPRT for pilots eligible for Type Rating.

Course Structre

Computer Based Training (CBT)

Students are provided access to the A-UPRT CBT to review all the necessary topics. The course is rich in content with the use of audio, visual, voice and relevant case studies of actual incidents to enhance the pilots learning.

Section 1 – General Introduction
General Aerodynamic characteristics
Aeroplane stability
Energy management (kinetic, potential, chemical)
Pitch power performance
AOA and stall awareness
Aerodynamics high altitudes
Aeroplane performance at high altitudes
Mach effects
Icing conditions and contamination effects
Control surface fundamentals
Use of trims
Aircraft Systems – generic
Stick shaker and other stall warning devices
Stick pusher
Manual and automatic inputs for guidance and control
Management of Automation
Pilot induced events
Criteria for identifying stalls and upsets
Aerodynamics low altitudes
Aeroplane performance at low altitudes
Positive and negative increasing and decreasing G Forces
Latest G awareness (steady heading sideslip)
G load management

Section 2 – Skills

Section 3 – Procedures
Safety review of accidents and incidents related to in flight loss of control
Effective scanning and monitoring
Examples of physiological, visual and instrument cues during developing and developed upsets – generic
Mechanical causes and contributing factors to upsets – generic
Use of rudder
Management of go arounds in various stages of flight
Timely and appropriate intervention in recovery from developed upsets
Consolidated summary of aeroplane recovery techniques – generic
Recovery from nose-high at various bank angles
Recovery from nose-low at various bank angles

Long Briefing

The long-briefing includes familiarization with training aircraft, presentation of local procedures, and review of the standard upset recovery templates.

Specific safety briefing is also included!

Air Exercises

Students are provided access to the A-UPRT CBT to review all the necessary topics.

AE1 Nose High Recovery
AE2 Nose LOW Recovery
AE3 Recovery from spiral dive
AE4 Stall Event Recovery
AE5 Recovery from spin

During the air exercises, students often experience never seen before the effects of human factors. Airwin Instructors are highly trained to demonstrate various methods to cope with these factors.

Endorsment and Certification

Following the successful completion of the theoretical and practical parts the endorsement is entered into the logbook.

Airwin also issues official course completion certificate signed and stamped by the training department.

A few things we’re great at

For the Flight Instructor training program, we packed together everything you need to gain experience from the beginning…

Virtual Classroom Instruction

Study from your office or home and consult with Airwin Instructors online.

All Electronic Administration

We save the planet for the future generation of pilots. Airwin trainings are paperless!

Digitális, repülés utáni elemzés

Nézd vissza és elemezd a megtett repülést, hogy a legtöbbet tanulhass hibáidból

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1.690 EUR

CBT access
Pipistrel SW-121 Garmin Glass Cockpit aircraft
Digital flight data analyse
Endorsement and certification
Airwin Mentor access


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