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Are you a private pilot seeking thrilling adventures in the skies? Are you an airport operator eager to welcome new visitors to your location? Are you an aircraft owner looking for reliable renters? Look no further! Join the Airwin Aero Club community and embark on unforgettable flying experiences around the globe.

Airwin Aero Club Worldwide


Airwin Aero Club is a global community of aviation enthusiasts, offering a platform for private pilots, airport operators, and aircraft owners to connect and share their love for flying. Whether you’re seeking new adventures, welcoming visitors to your airport, or renting out your aircraft, Airwin Aero Club has you covered.

  • Introduction to General Aviation: We organize regular events for those interested in any form of aviation. Together, we visit fascinating places such as Hungarocontrol and Aeroplex, attend aviation-related movies, invite professionals from various fields to discuss the latest trends, and are open to other aviation-related activities.

  • LAPL, PPL Training: This marks the beginning of your journey to spend your money in the air. We offer all the necessary training, professional instructors, and boast one of the most modern fleets in the region. Click here for more information ->

  • Fly-out Community: With our fleet of the latest design aircraft, we organize regular tours to interesting airports and destinations. Sometimes, we savor local wines and stay overnight at our host airport. Other times, we visit intriguing aircraft manufacturers and return home the same day. The most important thing is that we fly, and we always have a good reason for it. (Of course, we acknowledge that there's no need for a reason to fly, but most of us have families, and communicating our very important mission for the next flight is necessary to avoid potential domestic duties.)

  • Fly-in Community: In cooperation with our partners in Florida - USA, Oristano - Sardinia, Fez - Morocco, Castelo Branco - Portugal and our local base at Budapest we organize regular visits to different airports. We assist you in converting your license to FAA, provide access to our American partner's fleet, and offer accommodation for a 10-day stay at a Fly-in community in one of the most aviation-friendly places in the world. You are guaranteed to fly at least 20 hours within 10 days. Click here for more information ->

  • Leisure, taxi, or charter flights: The continuously growing fleet of Airwin Aero Club is available to all club members at a special price. If you are a member with a valid pilot license, you can fly our aircraft at a discounted rate. You can even hire professional instructor pilots for special flights, or organize your next business or private travel using one of our aircraft. The special advantages of our solution are that it is completely legal and safe, as all the aircraft are operated by Airwin Aviator School's professional maintenance team.

Whether you’re a pilot seeking adventure, an airport operator looking to attract visitors, or an aircraft owner eager to find renters, Airwin Aero Club welcomes you to join our global community. Together, let’s soar to new heights and create unforgettable flying experiences around the world.