Pilot licence for everyone!

This is the most time and cost efficient way of becoming a pilot!

The light aircraft pilot license grants you endless possibilities to fly all around Europe and explore new places. Join the ever growing pilot community today!

Complete the training within 3 month with respect to your availability!

With a Light Aircraft Pilot License you can…
– take yourself and your friends, family for a ride (after 10 hours solo flight, max 3 passengers)
– rent aircrafts anywhere in Europe (max 2000 kg take off weight)
– fly accross any European country


THeory hours


dual hours


solo hours

Course Structure

Airwin offers a fast-track training program for the obtainment of the EASA Light Aircraft Pilot License.
This training is ideal for both aviation enthusiasts and light aircraft owners to quickly earn their wings!

Part 1.: Theory Course

Airwin EASA LAPL(A) students should complete a full-scale private pilot theoretical course to get the most out of their license.

TK.PPL.DL.10 Air Law and ATC Procedures
TK.PPL.DL.20 Human Performance
TK.PPL.DL.30 Meteorology
TK.PPL.DL.40 Communications
TK.PPL.DL.50 Principles of Flight: Aeroplane
TK.PPL.DL.60 Operational Procedures
TK.PPL.DL.71 Flight Performance and Planning – Mass and Balance
TK.PPL.DL.72 Flight Performance and Planning – Performance
TK.PPL.DL.73 Flight Performance and Planning – Flight Planning and Monitoring
TK.PPL.DL.81 Aircraft General Knowledge – Airframe, system, powerplant, emergency equipment
TK.PPL.DL.82 Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation
TK.PPL.DL.91 Navigation – General Navigation
TK.PPL.DL.92 Navigation – Radio Navigation

The theoretical part includes 100 hours of computer based self-study and 13 hours of virtual classroom lectures.

Official Theoretical Examination

Following the successful completion of the online class and the Airwin Home Exams (minimum of 75% each PPL theory subject), the student pilots shall attend an official examination in front of the civil aviation authority in regards all of the previously metioned theory subjects:

TK.PPL.DL.1x Air Law and ATC Procedures
TK.PPL.DL.2x Human Performance
TK.PPL.DL.3x Meteorology
TK.PPL.DL.4x Communications
TK.PPL.DL.5x Principles of Flight: Aeroplane
TK.PPL.DL.6x Operational Procedures
TK.PPL.DL.7x Flight Performance and Planning
TK.PPL.DL.8x Aircraft General Knowledge
TK.PPL.DL.9x Navigation

The exams might be completed in 1 or 2 sessions. The pass-mark is 75% for each subject.

Part 2.: Flight Training

The practical flight training part of the EASA LAPL(A) course structured in a way to provide a wide range experiences for the student pilots.

Subpart 1: Airspace and Traffic Circuits
Subpart 2: Solo Flying and Navigation
Subpart 3: Solo Navigation Flying

During the course student, pilots fly 25 hours with an instructor on board and 5 hours as the sole pilot of the aircraft.

Official Authority Examination

Following the completion of the training program, the student pilots should complete an official check ride with a Flight Examiner on board.

Administration required for the exam and the first license issuance handled by Airwin.

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A few things we’re great at

For the Flight Instructor training program, we packed together everything you need to gain experience from the beginning…

distance learning

Study from your office or home and consult with Airwin Instructors online.

All Electronic Administration

We save the planet for the future generation of pilots. Airwin trainings are paperless!

Brand new aircrafts

Airwin has the youngest fleet in Europe built specifically for our pilots.

Our pricing plan

8,900 €*

24 hours of dual flight
6 hours solo
(total of 30 hours)
Airport fees included

*for non EU citizens 1000 EUR registration fee applies 


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