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With the EASA CPL(A) you can…
   – fly for remuneration on authorized aircraft
   – be part of the flight crew on a multi-pilot aircraft
   – pilot aircraft with more than 5,700 kgs of MTOW


During the practical exercises, student pilots face real-world scenarios to earn the maximum amount of experience possible.
Fasten your seatbelts and complete your mission in time!


Airwin Training Management System (TMS) provides clean insight on student progress and schedule.


hours regular aircraft


hours complex aircraft


weeks duration

Pre-Entry Requirements

General Requirements

– Minimum age 18.
– Hold valid EASA PPL(A) 
– Part-MED Class 1 medical certificate
– ICAO ELP Level 4 or higher
– ATPL(A) or CPL(A) theoretical credit
– 185 total hours and 100 hours PIC flight experience

– Night Rating
– Instrument Rating

Applicants without valid IR(A)

Pilots without valid Instrument rating for Aeroplanes should fly 10 hours extra dual time to meet the regulatory requirements.

MEP(Land) Holders

Holders of a valid Multi-Engine Piston (Land) class rating might complete 5 hours on a multi-engine aircraft.

Course Structure

Basic Instrument Flying

Students without valid IR(A) should complete 10 hours of instrument training exercises.

Flight Operation with Regular Single-Engine Aircraft

Student pilots should complete 10 hours dual flight instruction in a regular single-engine piston aircraft with emphasis on adverse weather operations, emergencies, advanced technical flying.

Complex Aircraft Operations

During this part, students learn how to operate aircraft with variable pitch propellers and retractable landing gear. Further enhancement of technical skills and the fundamentals of commercial operation

Official Theoretical Examination

Upon completion of the training program, the Training department issues an official recommendation for the practical examination.

The exam lasts for 1 hour 30 minutes and must be completed on the complex training aircraft.

A few things we’re great at

For the Commercial Pilot training program we packed together everything you need to gain experience from the beginning…

Real World Scenarios

Complete real-world inspired missions to gain the maximum experience during the training.

All Electronic Administration

We save the planet for the future generation of pilots. Airwin trainings are paperless!

New Aircrafts to fly with

Let’s fly with our classic layout Piper Arrow III and the signature Aero AT3-R100 Garmin Glasscockpit aircraft.

Our Pricing Plan



10 hours on SEP aircraft
5 hours on MEP aircraft
Brand new Tecnam P2006T glass cockpit aircraft
TMS access fot the schedule
Airwin Mentor access
Approach charts


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