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Airwin launched Europe’s most comprehensive Airline Pilot Training program to train the next generation of commercial air transport flight crew.

18-24 months of super-intensive full-time, airline standard training with true aviation professionals.


Theoretical instruction of the core subjects are available through the Airwin Virtual Classroom environment.


The entire training is designed to use state-of-the-art glass cockpit aircrafts with similar operating principles of the commercial air transport jets.





18-24 months


Course Structure

The Airwin Airline Transport Pilot training program is approved as an integrated course where students obtain an EASA Commercial Pilot’s License with an instrument rating and ATPL(A) theoretical credit.

The ATPL(A) Integrated Training Program comprises 6 phases including both theoretical and practical subsections.

Phase 1: Introduction to Aviation and Commercial Air Transportation

Theoretical subjects: Air Law, Operational Procedures, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, Aviation English
Flight Training: 18 hours dual instruction, 2.5 hours solo flight

Phase 2: Single-pilot VFR Navigation and Aircraft General Knowledge

Theoretical subjects: Aircraft General Knowledge – Airframe, systems; Powerplant; Electrics and Electronics; Instrumentation
Flight Training: 10 hours dual instruction, 11 hours solo flight

Phase 3: Complex Navigation and Radio Transmission

Theoretical subjects: General Navigation, Radio Navigation, Communications
Flight Training: 6 hours dual instruction, 40 hours solo flight

Phase 4: Instrument Flying and Principles of Flight Operation

Theoretical subjects: Principles of Flight, Mass and Balance, Performance, Flight Planning and Monitoring
Flight Training: 10 hours dual instruction, 40 hours solo flight, 40 hours simulator time

Phase 5: Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

Theoretical subjects: Crew Resource Management (CRM), Advanced UPRT Theory
Flight Training: 3 hours of dual instruction

Phase 6: Multi-Crew Co-Operation

Theoretical subjects: MCC Theory
Flight Training: 15 hours simulator time

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Pre-entry Requirements

For general requirements please refer to regulation EU 2020/359 Appendix 3 A.

Airwin specific requirements are prescribed by the approved training manual chapter 1.2 for the ATPL(A) Integrated Training Program. 


This training program is approved in accordance with EASA AMC and GM documentation.

Contracted partenrs:

General Requirements

– Be at least 18 years of age.
– High school education with graduation certificate
– Proof of English knowledge equivalent to  CEFR B2

All applications are processed digitally through Airwin Training Management System.

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Medical Requirements

– Hold at least Part-MED Class 2 medical certificate
– Part-MED Class 1 certificate should be obtained prior to the start of training phase 3

Appointments are available at contracted Aeromedical Centers. Contact us for more information.

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Pre-entry Assessment

Apply for a pre-entry assessment day and pass the following tests:
– General Competency test
– Group exercise
– Interview with the Training Department

For more information contact us via e-mail.

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Pilot License Holders

Holders of valid PPL(A) or PPL(H) issued in accordance with Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention might be credited with a maximum of 40 hours of flying experience.

All applicants with no respect for previous experience should meet the other pre-entry requirements. 

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Payment plans are available with multiple options. For more information do not hesitate to contact us!


59,000  EUR

Everything you need to get started

  • Digital study material (books, CBTs)
  • Logbook, Aviation Charts
  • Access to Airwin LMS (test questions, exams)
  • 2 sets of pilot uniform
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All Inclusive

64,000  EUR

All you need is to fly and study

  • APS MCC in Phase 6
  • Headphones
  • Apple iPad 2020
  • Everything included in the standard package
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69,000 EUR

Learn like a pro, fly like a pro

  • Crew Car to get fast to your trainings
  • Premium Headset with noise cancellation
  • Apple iPad Pro 2020
  • Everything included in the previous packages (except duplicates)
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Offers on this website are subject to change and primarily available for Hungarian citizens with current residence. Additional charges may apply due to administrative and other operation related tasks. For more information please contact Your Airwin Representative

Student voice

Arwin is proudly supports all pilots to achieve their goals in aviation.

Airwin has new and nice aircrafts for training and the new location in Tököl is fairly good. Instructors were friendly and good tempered.

Onurkan Bahadir

Perhaps the best way to learn responsibility is to be given the opportunity to be responsible, especially in the early stages of your aviation career. Hence I am glad that Airwin encourages students to make decisions about how they learn best during theory classes.

Mert Kaftar

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