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Welcome to the other side of the table! Start your new career in aviation as a Flight Instructor and train the next generation of pilots.

Join Airwin’s EASA Flight Instructor Training Internship program and gain the maximum experience with real student pilots!


Flight Instructors of all kind must enhance their manual flying skills to the maximum to provide the highest level of safety during everyday operations.


Take the place of a Flight Instructor during the training while Airwin Instructors are playing a role of the rumbustious students.





4 – 6 weeks



Pre-Entry Requirements

The Flight Instructor training is available for a wide range of pilots with various experiences. For clarification do not hesitate to contact us!

For general requirements and privileges refer to Annex I Subpart J of regulation EU 1178/2011 (Part-FCL).


This training program is approved in accordance with EASA AMC and GM documentation.

General Requirements

– Minimum age 21.
– Hold valid EASA Pilot License
– Part-MED Class 2 or 1 medical certificate
– Valid SEP(land) Class Rating

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PPL(A) Holders

In addition to the general requirements:
– 200 hours of total flight time
– 150 hours flight time as a PIC

Applicants without CPL or ATPL theoretical credit are permitted to function as LAPL(A) or SEP(land) CR(A) instructors.

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CPL(A) Holders

Holders of an EASA Commercial Pilot License (Aeroplane) in addition to the general requirements should have at least 140 hours of total flight time

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Pre-Entry Flight

All applicants to the Flight Instructor course should pass the pre-entry flight assessment to ensure the best training experience and facilitate positive training.

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Course Structure

The Airwin EASA Flight Instructor training program is developed with respect to AMC1 FLC.930.FI where student pilots pursue the obtainment of a Flight Instructor rating with restricted priviledges.

Pre-Entry Flight

Prior to the enrolment of the course the applicants should complete the 1 hour and 30 minutes pre-entry flight on the Aero AT3-R100 Garmin Glass Cockpit training aircraft.

Part 1: Teaching and Learning

The interactive virtual classroom instruction sessions include the following syllabi items:

TK.FI.11 The Learning Process
TK.FI.12 The Teaching Process
TK.FI.20 Human Performance and Limitations relevant to Flight Instruction
TK.FI.30 Training philosophies
TK.FI.41 Techniques of applied instruction: Classroom instruction
TK.FI.42 Techniques of applied instruction: Airborne instruction
TK.FI.50 Principles of Flight
TK.FI.61 Student evaluation and testing: assessment of performance
TK.FI.62 Student evaluation and testing: analysis of errors
TK.FI.70 Training Program Development
TK.FI.73 Flight Planning and Monitoring
TK.FI.80 Specific Hazards during Flight Instruction
TK.FI.90 Training Administration

During this part students receive 25 hours of formal classroom instruction with integrated guided discussions.

Part 2: Air Exercises

The practical part of the training focuses on various instructor competencies which enables the students to develop the required knowledge, skill and attitude required for safe airborne instructions.

Subsection 1: Airspace, Traffic Circuits and Correctional Skills 
Subsection 2: Navigation Flight, Dead Reckoning and Low level / Poor visibility operations
Subsection 3: Basic Instrument Flying, Unusual Attitudes and Correctional Skills
Subsection 4: Emergency Procedures

This part includes 30 hours of dual flight instruction with various scenario-based exercises. All flights to be completed from the instructor’s seat.

Participants of the EASA Flight Instructor Internship Training program should pass the progress check with AIPS performance at the end of Subsection 1.

CAA Practical Examination

The official practical examination comprises of 2 parts:
– Pre-flight breifing and lecture on a pre-selected subjects
1 hour flight with a Flight Examiner on-board
Our Flight Examiners are recognised by most of the CAAs. Please provide information on your licensing authority at the start of the course to organise the necessary paperwork.

A few things we’re great at

For the Flight Instructor training program, we packed together everything you need to gain experience from the beginning…

Virtual Classroom Instruction

Study from your office or home and consult with Airwin Instructors online. 

All Electronic Administration

We save the planet for the future generation of pilots. Airwin trainings are paperless!

Supervised Real-world Instruction

Instruct real students under supervision during your training!


Payment plans are available with multiple options. For more information do not hesitate to contact us!

Internship // Currently unavailable

3,600 EUR

  • Application for Airwin’s FI Internship program
  • 200+ dual flight instruction as an instructor
  • Officially listed as a Flight Instructor at Airwin ATO
  • Young and dynamic team in love with aviation!
  • Everything else included in the standard package

Prices on this website are subject to change and primarly available for Hungarian citizens with current residence. Additional charges may apply due to administrative and other operation related tasks. For more information please contact Your Airwin Representative

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