Come to our intensive 4-6-week flight instructor training at the Airwin base just south of Budapest! Extend your stay to a possible full-year intertnship at Airwin where you can help train our next generation of pilots and collect 500 hours of hands-on instruction.

Why Airwin offers one of the best Flight Instructor Internship programmes there is?

  • State-of-the-Art Aircraft: Experience the thrill of learning to fly in the most modern and advanced aircraft. At Airwin, we pride ourselves on maintaining a fleet of cutting-edge planes to ensure a top-notch training experience.
  • EASA approved programme in accordance with AMC and GM documentation.
  • Since its foundation in 2016, Airwin has developed into a major pilot training facility with full on-site capabalities and a variety of programmes.
  • Airwin has a constant supply of new cadets due to 3 university-based integrated CPL programmes
  • Budapest is a beautiful and lively city, one of the best go-to locations in Europe!


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