Multi-engine + SIM&GO

Take your flying to the next level with multi-engine!

Why is obtaining a multi-engine class rating a great choice for you?

Two engines offer greater speed, improved climb performance, extended range, and a higher level of safety. Need more reasons? Why wouldn't you! The Airwin Tecnam P2006T, a cost-effective modern aircraft, is a dream come true for businesspeople seeking a multi-engine, four-seat aircraft, as well as aspiring pilots.

Boasting a futuristic exterior and advanced avionics, this aircraft is equipped with an onboard system that rivals the standards of commercial airliners. It features an autopilot and advanced instrument flight rules (IFR) capabilities. The fuel efficiency of the two engines is simply astonishing, with an average consumption of 30 liters per hour under real operating conditions. When you consider that it consumes 5-8 liters less fuel than the most widely used single-engine Cessna 172, the Tecnam becomes an even more compelling choice.

We take pride in being the only flight school in the country to have an exact replica of the twin-engine aircraft in our state-of-the-art simulator. Our 180-degree 3D panoramic simulator is also located at the LHTL airport, right on our base.

Why Choose Us for Multi-Engine Class Rating?

  1. 1
    State-of-the-art 3D panoramic simulator
  2. 2
    Simulator operation identical to our actual aircraft
  3. 3
    Learn on one of the most advanced twin-engine four-seater aircraft
  4. 4
    All the mentioned facilities are available at one location: LHTL base

Why might you need a multi-engine class rating?

  • Aspiring to become an airline pilot
  • Already holding a Private Pilot License (PPL) and aiming for a higher level
  • Interested in maximum safety
  • Preparing for IFR flying
  • Enthusiastic about performance and fascinated by cutting-edge technology
  • Desire the flexibility of planning trips with three companions
  • Wish to obtain a license for an ideal air taxi aircraft

Are we capturing your interest? Absolutely!

Allow us to introduce our new SIM&GO (Multi-Engine + Simulator) package!

Package includes:

  • 1-hour brief (theoretical preparation)
  • 30 minutes of simulator usage with an instructor
  • 30 minutes of actual flight in the Tecnam P2006T aircraft

Price of the comprehensive package: 350€

Important factory specifications of the Tecnam P2006T:


Max cruise speed

150 kts (278 km/h)

Practical Ceiling

14000 ft (4267 m)

Take off run

988 ft (301 m)

Take off distance

1293 ft (394 m)

Rate of climb

1036 ft/min (5.3 m/sec)

Landing Run

758 ft (231 m)

Landing Distance

1145 ft (349 m)


669 NM (1240 km)


Maximum Take Off Weight

2712 lb (1230 kg)

Empty Weight, Standard

1933 lb (877 kg)

Useful Load

779 lb (353 kg)

Baggage allowance

176 lb (80 kg)

Fuel tank capacity

200 lt (52.8 US Gal)


Engine Manufacturer

ROTAX 912 S3

Engine Power

200 HP

Fuel Consumption

9 USG/h (34 lt/h)

Fuel Type

Mogas and Avgas


Two-Bladed Constant Speed Full Feathering MT Propeller


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