Probably the most important training you will have!

What is MCC all about? Should I choose the basic one or the APS? Is it worth it to pay more?

Numerous important questions above, so let’s make them perfectly clear for everyone from the beginning.

During your airliner interview you will be evaluated from several perspectives: theoretical knowledge, basic aircraft handling skills, instrument flying skills. Those are basic and must-have elements of a good pilot. But we should not forget the most important part: the human factor.

Your success will depend mostly on your personality and your ability to work/cooperate efficiently with another person in the cockpit, often a complete stranger with different personality, different attitude and different professional preparation level. In IMC conditions. With one engine inoperative… This is why Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) is a crucial element of the cockpit.

APS means "Airline Pilot Standard”. In other words, you will learn how to work as a flight crew in a simulated airline environment. APS MCC has evolved from the regular MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) course to ensure that young pilots better develop their skills within Crew Resource Management (CRM) and jet aircraft operations (JOT/JOC).

This new training has twice as many hours of tutoring in the simulator compared to a traditional MCC course: the regular MCC contains 20 hours of flight instruction only, on the other hand the new APS MCC contains 40 hours! Every Euro cent invested in your knowledge is going to worth it.

Why Airwin APS MCC training is the most suitable solution for you?
Because it is:

  1. 1
    STANDARD - Our APS MCC training is an optimized course that has been developed by EASA in collaboration with the leading airlines and training centres, to ensure a standard of instruction of future commercial pilots
  2. 2
    AUTHENTIC - Nowadays, this training has basically demanded by the world’s leading airlines and provided by instructors actively working as airline pilots
  3. 3
    COST EFFICIENT - Increased instruction package: 40 hours of A320 sim + 5 hours of airline interview preparation based on our latest experiences
  4. 4
    TIME EFFICIENT - 6 hour sessions per day, finish within 8 days, from Monday to Sunday, from early morning to late night
  5. 5
    FOCUS ENHANCED - Grab two other participants (Pilot Flying, Pilot Monitoring, Observer) and enjoy the advantages of the most useful role: the observer with increased situational awareness and without pressure during the exercise
  6. 6
    EXCLUSIVE - In the beautiful capital of Hungary, the newest and fanciest shopping mall of Budapest

Course Structure


 THEORY hours


hours sim exercises


hours airline interview preparation

Part 1: Theory instruction (140 hours of self-study, 25 hours of classroom instruction)

  • Jet Orientation Course (JOT)
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Airbus A320 systems

Part 2: Simulator exercises

  • Flight model which implements all Fly-By-Wire laws
  • Primary flight controls, panel switches as per the real Airbus A320 aircraft
  • Fully functional tray table and footrest
  • Seat shaker system, artificial touchdown feels, roaring deflected flaps and spoiler surfaces, low/high speed drag and engine vibrations are represented
  • Session tracking, recording and debriefing tool with eye-tracking system

Part 3: Airline interview preparation (5 hours)

  • 1 hour of HR assessment
  • 1 hour of ATPL theory assessment
  • 3 hours of scenario based simulator assessment

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“Perhaps the best way to learn responsibility is to be given the opportunity to be responsible, especially in the early stages of your aviation career. Hence, I am glad that Airwin encourages students to make decisions about how they learn best during theory classes.”

Mert Kaftar | Cadet @ SUNEXPRESS

"Airwin has new and nice aircrafts for training and the new location in Tököl is fairly good. Instructors were friendly and good tempered."

Onurkan Bahadir | CADET @ SUNEXPRESS

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