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Airline Pilot Training

Complex professional training program for career  student pilots would like to live and work as an airline pilot.


Private Pilot Training

Friendly and fast training course for aircraft owners, recreational pilots, and for all who love aviation as much as we do. 


Flight Instructor Training

Industry-leading, professional flight instructor training with internship opportunities and unique scenarios.


Time Building

Build experience with one of the youngest fleets in Europe. Safety pilots and customized time building programs available. 


Brand new leather flight deck with Garmin® touch-screen!

Exclusive interior builds specifically for Airwin pilots to learn how to operate safely using state-of-the-art instruments. The synergic cockpit design further blurs the line between men and machines.


EASA Approved Digital Training Organisation

Airwin preserves the environment for the future generation of pilots by implementing custom-built, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standard digital operation management solution. The Airwin Training Management System (TMS) made by pilots for pilots.


EASA ATPL(A) Distance Learning

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Advance Upset Prevention and Recovery Training


EASA Commercial Pilot License

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What Our Clients Say

Airwin set to support a truly friendly environment to facilitate the most effective teaching and learning. 

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“Perhaps the best way to learn responsibility is to be given the opportunity to be responsible, especially in the early stages of your aviation career. Hence, I am glad that Airwin encourages students to make decisions about how they learn best during theory classes.”

Mert Kaftar

“I chose Airwin because it’s a friendly school with brand new aircrafts. I finished my PPL training this year and will follow with my ATPL training now. The weather is sure much better than in Scandinavia where I am coming from and Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.”

Adam Thormassy
pilot @ norway

“Great facilities, great team, brand new airplanes. Just did (A)UPRT there. It seemed a useless training, but after this experience I would say that when you have to do everything that until this moment you’ve been taught not to, you realize the importance of this course. Thanks to everyone at Airwin!”

Dimo Vladimirov
pilot @ bulgaria

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Airwin Crew

As a group of true aviation enthusiasts and professionals with decades-long experience in the field, we are providing industry-leading training for Airlines, ATOs and individuals. 

Róbert Bánki

Co-founder &
Managing Director

Flight Instructor with a Master Degree of Transport Engineering.

István Győri

Co-founder &
Deputy Head of Training

Historical military experience with more than 10,000 hours of flight hours.

Baku László

Head of Training
Chief Flight Instructor

More than 2,000 hours of flight experience as an instructor with Aerobatic rating.

Gábor B Magyari

Compliance Manager
ESA Advisor

Aeronautical expert with more then a decade experience in training development.

Zoltán Siklósi PhD

Safety Manager

Former military fighter pilot instructor and examiner with special expertise in aviation safety.

Kristóf Nagy

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Professional pilot with exceptional experience as a “bush pilot”.

Barnabás Vandornyik

Training Planner &
Flight Instructor

Decade long experience in the field of airborne flight instructions.

Attila Boros

Flight Instructor

Professional pilot instructor with special experience in law enforcement and public relations.

Stig Steine

Flight Instructor

Integrated ATP graduate and professional pilot with exhaustive operational experience.

András Domokos

Training Advisor

Flight and Type Rating Examiner, Instructor with a MSc Technical Engineering Major in Aircraft Design. 

Virág Kovács

Training Administrator

Former cabin crew with more than 3,400 hours of flight experience .

Dorottya Bencze

Training Administrator

Serious experience in accounting and costumer relations.

Benedek Győri

FSTD Technician

Professional experience in synthetic training device operation.

Róbert Bencze

Duty Officer

Decade long experience as a multirole operator of special tools and equipment.

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