Conquer the skies with Airwin Flight School!

When you finish any of our pilot training and obtain your pilot licence, we can guarantee you that you will be able to fly safely, responsibly and confidently the aircraft. You are about to posess all the relevant theoretical knowledge and flying skills for conducting safe flights in any curcumstances..

Airline Pilot Training

The right seat in an airliner's cockpit is waiting for you! Get all your licences and ratings with us and we prepare you for the biggest challenge in your professional life! 

Flight Instructor Training

Share your experiences with your other fellow aviators! 

Private Pilot Training

Friendly environment and fast training course for everyone, especially for hobby and recreational pilots

Time Building

Build experience with one of the youngest fleets in Europe! 

how we do it?

Brand new glass cockpit aircraft with Garmin® touch-screen and leather flight deck for your convenience!

Exclusive interior was built by the manufacturer on our special request. Specifically made for Airwin pilots to learn how to operate safely using state-of-the-art instruments and how to experience limitless joy at the same time.

EASA Approved Digital Training Organisation

Airwin preserves the environment for the future generation of pilots by implementing custom-built, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standard digital operation management solution.

No paperwork during your whole training! No missing files! No missed signitures from the instructor! Every document signed and logged in our onlline system.

You can manage your schedule or monitor your training progress in one place. All data are up-to-date and error free.

The Airwin Training Management System (TMS) made by pilots for pilots.

Perfect environment for every training purpose

We chose Tököl Airport (LHTL) for several reasons: 

- busy airport with not only local but international traffic for your confidence to learn how to depart/arrive safely in all circumstances

- both paved/concrete and grass runway to ace your takeoff and landing skills on all kind of fields

- located near to Budapest to reach us with the biggest convenience

The Airwin Crew at your service

As a group of true aviation enthusiasts and professionals with decades-long experience on the market,
we are providing industry-leading pilot training not only for airlines but for individuals as well.

What Our Clients Say

Airwin set to support a truly friendly environment to facilitate the most effective teaching and learning.

Who joins us becomes an Airwinner forever!

Met Kaftar


“Perhaps the best way to learn responsibility is to be given the opportunity to be responsible, especially in the early stages of your aviation career. Hence, I am glad that Airwin encourages students to make decisions about how they learn best during theory classes.”

"I chose Airwin because it’s a friendly school with brand new aircrafts. I finished my PPL training this year and will follow with my ATPL training now. The weather is sure much better than in Scandinavia where I am coming from and Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.”

Adam Thormassy

pilot @ norway

Dimo Vladimirov

pilot @ bulgaria

“Great facilities, great team, brand new airplanes. Just did (A)UPRT there. It seemed a useless training, but after this experience I would say that when you have to do everything that until this moment you’ve been taught not to, you realize the importance of this course. Thanks to everyone at Airwin!”

"Airwin has new and nice aircrafts for training and the new location in Tököl is fairly good. Instructors were friendly and good tempered."

Onurkan Bahadir

cadet @ Sunexpress

Fónad Csaba

Managing Director

Bánki Róbert

Co-founder &
strategic advisor

baku LÁSZLÓ 

head of training



Vandornyik Barnabás

freelance instructor

louis pirez

Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

nagy lászló

chief operating officer

princz viktor

flight instructor, training coordinator

Perlaki viven

office manager

kiss balázs roland

sales manager

polgár lászló

Flight Instructor


Flight Instructor

josé rui da costa

Flight Instructor

tiago Costa

Flight Instructor

Bayarmagnai Burentugs

Flight Instructor


Flight Instructor


Flight Instructor

francisco giao

Portugal base manager

50 000+


15 000+

flight hours


pilots trained

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Why Choose Airwin?

The academy boasts a fully a digitalized training platform, the newest AT Aero-3 aircrafts available in the market with Glass Cockpit technology, full EASA-accreditation, and - last, but not least - the friendliest and most prepared flight instructor crew on the continent.


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